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re you sure that you want to do this?'

'It's necessary. We have to make him understand.'

'And this is the best way to do it is it?'


'If you insist.'

'Doctor!' shouted a shrill voice from somewhere in the distance. He didn't need to look up to know what the problem was. His latest travelling companions were, well, quarrelsome, and this was just another of their periodic running battles. He should have expected it. An atheist and a monk were never going to be the best company for each other.

'Yes?' he said, without looking up from the console. Sure enough, as if they were reading their cues, the two of them stumbled into the console room.

'Will you kindly tell this...this pious, stuck up, moronic idiot that he is not to convert me and he should just shut up and leave me alone.'

'You fail to see...'

'Charles, Samantha. Please.' said the Doctor, finally looking up from the console, and turning his full attention to them. Slowly he took his glasses off and put them in his pocket. 'I have a headache. If you would kindly refrain from arguing over matters of theology it might get better. Neither of you are going to convince the other. All that you will do is antagonise each other, and give me a much bigger headache.' He paused, and looked at both of them. 'None of which is desirable.'

'Perhaps you could settle the argument.' said Samantha, looking at him, and expecting him to confirm her view of the Universe. He wasn't about to do any such thing.

'I prefer not to get involved.' As he spoke, the central column started to slow, and a raucous trumpeting sound began to fill the room.

'Oh look,' said the Doctor, looking at the controls and welcoming the distraction. 'We're about to land. Let's see where we are shall we?'


his was paradise. Water slowly dripped from the lush, green, vegetation. Wildlife ran back and forth, eating, drinking, and trying to avoid being eaten. Suddenly, the wildlife took flight. Something was arriving.

First there a noise, a bellowing racket like the sound of a thousand drunken elephants on the march. Then something began to appear. At first, it was nothing more than an outline, a vague translucent shape. Soon though, it was solid. Whole. In the middle of the jungle, a police box had appeared.

'They're in position.'

'Good. Then we can begin.'

'The atmosphere's breathable, and there's lots of plant and small animal life. No high technology. Looks like a nice place.' said Samantha, looking up.

'I'm not so sure.'

'Let me guess. Your god doesn't like greenery now?'

'Agash has nothing against plant matter. It's just that this doesn't feel right.'

'In what way?' said the Doctor, leaning forward, his eyes bright and questioning.
'I do not know. It's just that it doesn't feel right.'

'Nonsense' said Samantha.

'Well, it doesn't look like there's anything wrong. The sensors don't show anything. Could you be more specific?' asked the Doctor.
artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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