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inking back into a bed of fragrant, soft, flowering buds and sighing contentedly, the Doctor in his multi-coloured jacket and canary yellow trousers looked quite at home. His quick thinking at the time after his fifth regeneration had given him instant camouflage in any floral environment. Suddenly, his nose began to twitch as a none-too pleasant odour of burning circuitry hit his olfactory system. He opened one eye and gazed witheringly to his left, towards the TARDIS.

Emerging from the front of the time craft was his companion Peri, dressed in a loose fitting blue jumpsuit, amidst clouds of acrid smoke, coughing and spluttering. 'Why...you lazy, indolent...' she gagged.

The Doctor snorted, 'Do you have to make such a noise?' he grinned wickedly.

'You might have at least tried to repair the TARDIS a little before you left her!' Peri gave him a cold stare as she hovered like a vulture over his form.

The Doctor grimaced and waved a dismissive hand. 'Nonsense. The old girl got us to where I wanted - paradise! Almost as restful as the Eye of Orion...'

'Oh yer,' complained poor Perpugillian Brown, bored a little with such infuriating apathy. 'You land us in a field full of beautiful flora and fauna not a few miles away from a whacking great, dirty, grimy city!' she turned and pointed eastward. 'It's probably squalid as New York!'

There, not too distant was a sight that made the Doctor sit bolt upright with abject attention. For a minute he was boggle-eyed, staring at the towering tower blocks and inter-connecting tubes of a very modern, hi-tech metropolis. 'Well, that wasn't here before! The last time I came here the Utopians were just simple agriculturalists, toiling a living out of the land.'

He rose and brushed the pollen that dusted his clothes, into the air again. Sucking in a sharp intake of breath, the timeless Time Lord smiled weakly. 'Still, I suppose after a thousand odd years you have to expect progress - even on Utopia.'

Peri could have dropped through the ground as she gritted her teeth and raised her eyes skywards as if in prayer. 'Wow! I mean you are the pits sometimes - you can't ever get the century right...' But she had to stop her bleating because the Doctor was already striding confidently off into the distance following his own curiosity. She felt it unwise to follow...but did so anyway.

When they reached the sprawling complex of buildings, Peri and the Doctor were astounded to see how spotlessly clean, tidy and well ordered the whole place was.

The buildings were made of white concrete with polished metal window frames and shining, reflective glass as windows. Streets scrubbed and painted totally white and to add a splash of colour up the middle of the pared streets were flower beds and patches of lawns too.

Added to this, the people that jostled around were similarly clothed in tight fitting tunics and trousers of, white, yellow or orange. As they strolled, continuing their business, many noticed the odd couple and gave them deathly cold stares.

One bearded man grabbed a hold of the Doctor and pushed him up a nearby glass fronted doorway. 'What are you doing?' screeched the man with a vicious tongue.

On the defensive the Doctor beamed like a king.
'Err, just taking a nice afternoon stroll with my friend here, Peri Brown.'

'No, I mean don't you know the rules about standard clothing?' The man was still persistent but had slackened his grip enough to allow the Doctor to sidle away a little.

'Well, no. We're strangers; new to...Utopia isn't it?' Affectionately the Doctor came clean, the innocent as usual.

His answer was like a whiplash, as the man backed away holding a hand to mouth and issuing a tortured scream. He gaped at his outstretched arm and then began to furiously wipe it with the other arm, as if burnt. 'Help me, someone!' he pleaded like a naughty child whimpering.
artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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