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he rift was active, and Cardiff was doomed. The sky was filled with beings from another world, and the TARDIS was occupied by the most ghastly of creatures. As the Doctor and his close allies reached the doors, they suddenly stopped dead in their tracks.

The ground beneath their feet shuddered, and the world appeared to rise and fall around them. It was then that the Cyber Kings appeared.

It was already high tide on Cardiff Bay, but the waves were being sent high up over their boundaries as the Cyber Kings waded across the bay toward shore.

‘What are we to do, Doctor?’ demanded Clara.

‘The Cybermen have kept to their word,’ accepted the Doctor, ‘but does that mean the choice I was offered, between humanity and the TARDIS is at an end?’

The Doctor pushed the doors open to find the Cyber leader hatching plans with his associates.

The Cyber leader turned to find the Doctor stood in the doorway. ‘So you have returned!’ he bellowed.

The Doctor looked up and frowned. ‘I have every right,’ he stated, ‘This is my ship!’

‘What of the bombardment outside?’ questioned a Cyberman. ‘Is it not because of the shelling that you have returned to us?’

‘You've got it wrong!’ shouted Clara. ‘That's not it at all!’

‘So why have you come?’ demanded the Cyber leader.

‘To do this…!’ yelled the Doctor.

Giving the order, Ryan and his officers appeared. They opened fire, the Cyber leader took an incredible tumble as shots rang out throughout the console room. Inspecting his TARDIS, the Doctor was nonplussed.

‘What's wrong, Doctor?’ asked Clara.

‘I think he thinks it was too easy,’ said Ryan, ‘which I have to admit it was.’

It was at that moment the other Cybermen appeared.

‘Take cover!’ shouted Ryan, pulling his waist coat around him as a chill wind filled the console room and ghosts, phantoms, and ghouls suddenly appeared around them moving, floating swirling around them.

‘What's going on?’ cried Clara. ‘These things are impossible!’

‘They're here to help us!’ bellowed the Doctor, rising from beyond the console. ‘They wish to see the Cybermen driven from my ship.’

‘But why should they?’ shouted Clara, over the chaos that ensued around them.

‘The TARDIS is connected to the rift. It feeds on it to restore all power to fulfil its function,’ explained the Doctor.

The two officers who had accompanied them aboard had finished with the Cybermen, for what they hoped was the last time. They did not know however that an invasion was under way beyond the TARDIS. The Cybermen had been destroyed and taken out as trash.

‘Thank you for all your help!’ said the Doctor, speaking to Sergeant Mitchell. ‘Without your help, we would have never have taken back the TARDIS.’

‘You've still to show me to Miss Stewart!’ said Ryan. ‘You did say you would.’

The Doctor agreed. ‘Yes, well… come along then,’ he said.

Ryan turned his men away and agreed to stay on with the Doctor.

‘What about the destruction the Cyber Kings are displaying?’ wondered Clara. ‘Won't your men require your leadership?’ she winked.

Ryan shook his head. ‘My men have their orders,’ he replied. ‘We shall do all we can to hold the Cybermen back.’

‘And if you cannot?’ asked Clara.

‘We can but try,’ said Ryan. ‘And I'm sure we will…’

 ‘New York it is then!’ the Doctor announced and set the co-ordinates.


ondon. Downing Street. 6:30am - and beneath the city.

It was there the breach reached critical. The Prime Minister demanded a reason for this, and it was understood that the rift was active. Rushing into the lobby, he addressed his staff.

‘I'd like to know who is responsible?’ he demanded. ‘An intrusion such as this can keep a man awake for an awful long time!’ He was quite anxious to find out what was going on.

A man stepped forward. He was a stranger to the Prime Minister. ‘I demand to know who you are?’ he sneered.

The man was wearing a grey coat, arm stretched out holding a pass, on which It simply read: Torchwood.

‘The name's Jack,’ he said, ‘Jack Harkness.’

There appeared to be some confusion. Backing away, the Prime Minister told of his fear of the name “Jack Harkness”.

‘I've read the files on you,’ he uttered, ‘You cannot possibly be him…’

‘But I am,’ winked Jack. ‘I came back,’ he said, ‘for this.’

‘For what, exactly?’ urged the Prime Minister.

Jack thought it was fairly obvious who and what he was referring to. ‘A woman working for UNIT spoke of the Doctor’s return. He's here, in 2016...and we need him!’ he said.

‘So what's all this?’ complained the Prime Minister, ‘The noise? The break in? The intrusion?’ he declared. ‘Why have I been woken in the middle of the night if what you say is a matter for Torchwood?’

Jack did his best to explain. ‘When we were on the run,’ he began, ‘you had us tracked. This was so you could keep a watch on our activities, and find out all you could about what we were up to, whilst dealing with the 4.5.6. But those days are over,’ he pointed out, ‘and the rift is not of your concern.’

‘So deal with it!’ ordered the Prime Minister. ‘Keep me out of this. Anything to do with you is trouble.’

Jack was pleased to hear it, and he set off on a mission to find the Doctor, to save him from the Cybermen. Joining him was his team, and they were readying themselves for what would mark their return to the Torchwood Hub.

It was there Kate Stewart was waiting for them. A new underground facility had been constructed and was where the re-instated Torchwood team would be based. But a new threat had made itself known to them and Jack had been instructed to deal with it.

The Cybermen had invaded across the planet. UNIT had been drafted in to deal with them. Rockets had been fired to do damage to the invaders but had little effect on the efficiency of the Cyber Kings.

It had been left up to Torchwood to assist the armed forces in dealing with the threat of the Cybermen, but re-establishing themselves in the middle of such events would prove difficult.

Meanwhile the Doctor had arrived in New York and still had no explanation as to how word got out, but that could wait. He was there for Kate, but she was now missing. He stepped outside the TARDIS doors, calling her name, when a Cyber King emerged from behind him, firing into the streets below.

The Doctor pushed open wide the doors to the TARDIS, narrowly missing the blast. It was clear to him that Kate must have left New York, once the threat of the Cybermen had been established. He paused in thought. 'How could the rest of the Cybermen have known to invade when the order hadn't been given?' He suddenly dived to the floor in answer to his own question, searching through the armaments of the Cyber leader. It was among the panelling of his chest unit that he discovered a burnt out signalling device. It had been used to call on the assistance of the Cyber force.

‘It could only have been functional for a short time,’ he mused. ‘It's still hot!’

‘It must have been his back up,’ voiced Ryan. ‘We didn't see him use it, so perhaps it kicked in when he went down?’

‘You mean he was transmitting from the dead?’ questioned Clara. ‘But that's impossible…’

‘Not if you're part man, part machine," stated the Doctor.


artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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