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his time Doctor, even I have to say that you have brought us to somewhere worth coming to.’ admitted Amy rather grudgingly, as she reached out to hold Rory’s hand.

The three of them stood on the top of a rock-strewn mountainous hill, overlooking a magnificent panoramic view of an orange desert landscape valley below. However, it was not the ground they were looking at but the sky.

‘This place has been designated as one of the 700 natural wonders of the known Universe by the Terran Federation of Planets,’ The Doctor started to lecture, while taking in a deep breath of the almost pure oxygenated air. ‘This planet is called Guangzongshi, as named by its first human settlers as meaning - Light always.’

‘Guang-zong-she,’ repeated Rory phonetically, ‘that sounds Chinese.’

‘Very astute of you Rory, yes the first human settlers on this planet were mainly Chinese and Indian. It was those nations that forged the great Earth era of space colonisation in the late 22nd Century.’

Amy closed her eyes and re-opened them slowly, as if to confirm that what she was seeing was real. In front of her, she viewed the splendour of the six magnificent golden orbs, which had a variety of magnitudes and intensities and were suspended in the glowing pink atmosphere. Each sun was radiating a different brightness, which caused the sky to be filled with a multiplicity of colours. It was certainly the most beautiful and romantic view, she had ever seen and she was glad that she had the opportunity of sharing this with Rory. She could hear the Doctor continue his dreary ‘tour guide’ spiel in the background and just wanted him to shut up.

‘It is called ‘Light Always’, as it is never dark anywhere on this planet. This is due to the fact that one of the six suns is always providing light.’ continued the Doctor.

‘Thanks Doctor, that will do for now! Could you be a dear and give Rory and I a few moments in private?’ she spitted out in irritation.
The Doctor was taken aback by her outburst and it took a while for him to realise why Amy had wanted some time alone with Rory. It has certainly been a while since he had a couple travelling with him. He searched hard into his memories and recalled the occasion, when Ian and Barbara had disappeared off together for a walk around Ancient Rome and also when Ben and Polly had asked him politely not to join them in a Venetian Gondola. He skulked away silently, while expertly kicking away a small rock, as if he was placing it in the top corner of the net from a free kick.

He looked back annoyed at the couple and found them in a tender and delicate embrace. He turned away from them as they kissed passionately and muttered ‘Humans’ to himself under his breath. The Doctor walked further away, looking around for ways to amuse himself, while his companions were otherwise engaged. He looked up at the primary sun and noted that it was about the same size as Earth’s sun. Incredibly, it seemed to be the same distance away from this planet as Earth was, from its only sun. He also noted how the other five suns seemed to be in exactly the same position relative to the primary sun, since his last visit. That had literally been a peak out of the TARDIS doors to look at the suns, followed by a rather hasty exit, as he remembered he needed to be somewhere else. It was almost as if their orbit was pre-determined in such a way that the other five would always appear in similar positions relative to the primary sun, almost as if they were rotating around it.

The Doctor’s thoughts were interrupted by the sighting of a lone bird-like organism that flew across his sight-line. He followed the direction in which it was flying and saw it disappear from view in the distance behind a mountain to his left. The Doctor gazed more closely in that direction and saw something that made him as enthusiastic as a toddler, unwrapping a birthday present.

He ran back immediately to Amy and Rory, without pausing to think. He found them still looking longingly into each others eyes, while still holding each others hands. They were still standing in the exact spot, where he had left them.

‘Guys, I’ve found something really fascinating that you just absolutely have to see.’ he said as he strode up to them.

The Doctor had lost all patience with his two companions, as they continued to blank him completely. Right, that was it! They had simply left him no choice. He physically separated them, while grabbing Amy’s hand in his left and Rory’s in his right. He started to pull them towards the mountain where the bird had flown and started to run back there, with the two of them, trailing behind him.

‘Stop it Doctor, we don’t want to know.’ barked Amy, trying to pull loose from the Doctor’s strong grip.

Rory looked at Amy and said, ‘It’s no use, you know what he’s like when he’s seen something.’

The Doctor came to an abrupt stop and his two companions had to suddenly put on their brakes, to stop themselves going too far past him.

‘Look over there in the distance.’ the Doctor pointed to an area at the bottom of the mountain.

Amy and Rory strained their eyes to scarcely make out a dome-like structure, made of a strange, bright-coloured plastic. Even from this distance, it was clear that there were some buildings

inside the structure and that it was certainly a settlement of some kind.
‘Doctor, you’re seriously not thinking of getting us to trek all the way down there, are you?’ appealed Rory.

‘It’s the year 4024 AD; that’s two thousand years in your future. Don’t you want to see how your great grand children, well give or take about fifty generations, are getting along?’

‘Well Doctor, if we must go then can’t we please use the TARDIS? I don’t think Amy would be up for such a long walk down this rough terrain’ protested Rory.

‘Actually Rory, my lovely, stupid-face husband, I wouldn’t mind in the slightest. It’s such a lovely day and I could do with a nice tan.’ said Amy, as she started leading the way towards the settlement, leaving the astonished Doctor and Rory, in her wake.

Amy was enjoying the reasonably long walk; especially the warm tingling feeling, she was getting from rays of the multiple suns. She thought it was great how someone could get tanned from all directions at the same time, without having to turn over. The Doctor and Rory had eventually caught up with her, but there seemed little point in making conversation en route to the settlement. As they got closer, they could see that the plastic dome was made up of large, equilateral-shaped triangles. Some of these seemed to be blacked out, while others were translucent enough to allow the buildings below, to be seen.

After about twenty minutes of trekking, they found their way to the base of the dome. Up close, the triangles looked much larger than they expected, with each side’s length measuring about 30 feet. The Doctor used his Sonic Screwdriver on one of the plastic panels and immediately the clear glass turned black.

‘Ahh, these panels are using photo-obscuring technology,’ the Doctor thought out loud ‘Very useful to block out the light.’

artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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