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The Future:

OND?'called out the Doctor, 'Here,' he said, offering her a note pad he'd pulled from his bottom-less pockets. Like the TARDIS they appeared to be much bigger on the inside.

Amy took the note pad examined it briefly and then stuffed it in to a back pocket of her jeans. 'Why?' she thought. The Doctor hadn't explained. She had simply taken what he offered her because… She paused. There wasn't a reason. The Doctor hadn't given her a reasonable explanation for a single gift, a pad in which one took notes with. So…

Earth 1203:

pril, 1203,' said the Doctor, as he stepped out of his blue box and jumped up and down several times.

'Why are you jumping?' asked Amy, standing at his side beside the TARDIS.

'Testing the gravity,' answered the Doctor, surveying his immediate surroundings.

'You look like a lunatic!' Rory added, as he too stepped from within the blue box.

'Thanks for that, Rory,' the Doctor grumbled, now standing very still, on the spot.

'What happens in 1203?'

'What do you think happens, Amy?' the Doctor asked her, staring into her eyes, deep into her thoughts.

'Trouble? Gotta be trouble, and danger with you, always?' she said, excitedly.

'YAY!' the Doctor squealed. 'You've got it!'

He turned back to the view that lay ahead of them. The TARDIS had landed on the roof of the Rouen Castle, situated in France. It would be an important year but the Doctor hadn't, as yet, gone into detail.
'Sorry, WHAT?' Rory cut in.
'We're in 1203 Rory. A very, very odd year, for us time and relative dimension in space junkies. A man goes missing.'

'But not any old man, eh Doctor? Am I right?'

Amy knew it all, or so the Doctor thought. 'You're right Amy, not any old fella at all, but the Duke of Brittany. Why? How? Nobody knows, least of all me, and we're not exactly going to find out the reason for this. Not until a future we've yet to experience!'

Amy leaned against the TARDIS, arms crossed, with an expression like that of a dissatisfied youngster. 'Why not?' she asked.

'Because he is captured!' declared the Doctor. 'The man is captured, and then disappears, and if we knew where to, we'd be able to tell of his disappearance, would we not?'

Rory shrugged his shoulders and turned to Amy, who simply nodded, but not quite sure why she did as she didn't understand either.

'Imagine Amy, the Duke, Arthur the first goes missing, vanishes off the face of the Earth. It is recorded in history that no-one had seen anything of him, otherwise it will have been recorded in the history books, thus explaining his unknown location. So if we go snooping about the castle for him, get caught, then suffer the consequences, we too change history.'

'So what now then?' asked Rory.

'We leave, Rory, but first, we acknowledge the time period. I said it was 1203. Amy, you've got the note pad, scribble the year down please.'

Amy removed the note book from her pocket and promptly made a note of the year as asked. 'Why am I doing this?' she asked, when after the third visit to a new time zone. The unusual nature of the visits themselves were becoming difficult for her to get her head around.


octor, why do we keep arriving in time zones irrelevant to where you said you'd take us?' asked Rory. He wasn't going to step out of those blue wooden doors again, until he had an answer as to why this time, they had arrived in 1788 on a ship that supposedly vanished at sea with a girl named Aimee du Buc de Rivery on board.

The Doctor did his best to explain.

'Why are there people vanishing off the face of the Earth, Rory? Can you give me a reason, the like of which suggests that purely by chance, these events aren't linked, and that there isn't any unusual occurrence that even implies aliens aren't involved?'

'You know I can't,' Rory replied, unable to give a reason as to why the events shouldn't be down to an alien occurrence.

'You see,' explained the Doctor. 'Something's going on…'

'You've got to admit,' said Amy, looking up from the note pad. 'Something unusual is going on, like when the Pandorica opened, and historic events turned ugly. But for what reason are people vanishing, and why in these time zones?'

'So many questions, and not enough answers, Doctor.' Rory sighed quietly to himself.

'What makes you believe these disappearances don't affect your time zone?' asked the Doctor, turning to both Amy and Rory.

'Well, um…' Rory began, trying to think of something, but failed, miserably.

'You see,' said the Doctor. 'These events do affect your time zone too. They're recorded in history, which means your time acknowledges such events, and treasures them, meaning they're forever there, in time as well as space. Never mind what time period we're in there are disappearances all the time here on Earth, which suggests these aren't perhaps coordinated disappearances…'

'Coordinated disappearances?' Amy pondered.

'More questions.' whispered Rory.

'Yes,' the Doctor hushed her, 'Meaning these people are being taken by something that needs them, and for every event we visit, the humans are real. There's no fault in who they are, just the fact that they are earthlings. And furthermore, what if…?'

'What if?' Rory repeated, he was becoming tired of the constant questions that didn't yield any answers and proved even more unsure of what the Doctor meant.

'Precisely!' said the Doctor. Rory's face looked even more puzzled. 'My note pad, in which I've yet to give you, Amy Pond…' said the Doctor looking up at her.

artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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