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hat's wrong with him?' asked Rory. For all his nursing knowledge, one thing Rory knew, and that was, that he was not a doctor.

'He's dreaming, experiencing a nightmare I would say,' said the Doctor, before the alien suddenly awoke.

'Oh thank goodness,' said Rory, breathing a sigh of relief.

'How are you feeling, Octavian?' asked the Doctor.

'I'm… well,' the Vogan answered.

'Good,' said the Doctor. 'Because we've arrived at our destination, come on,' as he helped the alien from off the bed, and down the stairs into the console room.

Upon their return, Rory asked: 'Where's Amy?'

The Doctor shivered in his yeti top and realised the door was swaying in the breeze. 'No, no, no!' he yelled. He ran to the doors and peered out into the whiteness beyond. A blizzard blew across the landscape making it hard for him to see no more than a few feet in front. 'We've got to get after her!' the Doctor declared.

Passing through the blue police box's doors, they all stood in awe of their mountainous surroundings.

‘Wow, this woolly top does the trick,’ shivered Rory, still however feeling the chill on the wind.

‘Where are we?’ asked the Vogan. He starred up at the Doctor.

‘Alaska!’ exclaimed the Doctor. He turned to both the Vogan and Rory who were eager to hear why he had brought them here.

‘This is to be where you will grow up Octavian. The indigenous people here will bring you up, and part of my bringing you here is due to Amy, who changed my mind…’

Rory cut the Doctor a glance, his eyes shifty.

‘Oh, not like that Rory,’ the Doctor added. ‘She didn't use any “talent” to twist my arm…’
The Vogan turned back to the Doctor. ‘Continue please,’ he said, and the Doctor nodded back at them both.

‘We're in the beginning of the early 20th Century. There was without a doubt no single possibility of arriving on an earth occupied with technology beyond all our wildest dreams, and already the 21st Century is doing quite well, what with Torchwood and now UNIT sticking their oar in. No, the people here aren't in any way sophisticated, and that's a good thing. They hunt for their food, they build their own homes, they stick together as a family, and right now, you want someone to take you under their wing, train you up. These people are, in many ways, the unsophisticated SAS.’

‘What happened to you not submitting to Amy's demands?’ asked Rory, stealing the Doctor for a moment of banter.

The Doctor looked at the small, long haired alien. ‘I know what he's going through,’ was his answer. ‘I've had my family taken away from me, and look at me now, I don't usually encourage my friends to continue the fight, leading others into battle, but when he spoke of the blood on his hands, anger boiled up inside of me. If that had of been my family, I'd have demanded there be a whirl storm after them myself.’

Rory didn't understand. He shook his head, smacked his forehead a second later, then he turned back to the Doctor. "But you're better than this. You are not the kind of guy who pushes others to do your dirty work?’

The Doctor stood in silence, knowing that he had indeed used his friends and others to help him fight the evils of the Universe. He turned to the Vogan and bent down, crouching on the ground, starring into the aliens eyes. ‘What do you think?’ he asked.

Octavian turned to Rory, and looked up at him. ‘It is decided!’
The Doctor turned back to Rory. He got up, and led him over towards the TARDIS, where again, they talked over the situation. ‘I have a feeling Rory, and of course you can shoot me down if you feel I'm being rather unusual, and callous, but I think this may be another opportunity…’
‘An opportunity?’ asked Rory.
‘Yes, some points are fixed; others can go off in any direction. Should those we leave Octavian with do as I've said, train him up, etc…, he may go down in the history books, which is probably where I've heard mention of his name. 'Octavian the slyer'…’

Rory turned back to the Vogan, and smiled. ‘So, he does rise up and defeat the Cybermen…’ he trailed off, the Doctor, examining Rory's behaviour as he starred at the young Vogan.

Then Amy suddenly appeared from behind them, with a family of strange and playful people. ‘Um, Doctor…"’she said, seeming a little lost in the middle of her “friends”.
‘Oh Amy, you've wound up in a bit of a pickle,’ said the Doctor, as he turned to face the group before him and cautiously put his reassuring arms around her while Rory managed an awkward wave but her companions pulled her away.

‘Hello,’ he said ‘We wondered where you got to.’ Rory continued.
artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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