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here was once a man. The most amazing man. A man who’s saved many civilizations and improved so many lives.  I imagine he’s still out there somewhere, gallivanting around the universe with his screwdriver.  I met him once, a long time ago, in the summer of 1963.

It was a bright, sunny day and I was walking down the street, watching as the usual army of cars whizzed past and neighbours crossed the road with their dogs and It was then that I spotted the blue police box blocking the path. I knew for a fact it wasn’t there before.

As I stared with interest at the police box that stood in front of me, a young man wearing a bow tie stepped out and walked towards me.

'Well, don’t just stand there gawping at my blue box. This is the 1960s, isn’t it? You must have seen plenty of them before.'

'I’ve never seen any on this street, though.' I replied.

The strange man took out a wallet and told me he was ‘PC John Smith’.  Of course, I didn’t believe him for one minute, although to be fair, his ID inside the wallet did seem to confirm it.  Then he asked me the strangest of questions.

'Have you seen a young brown haired woman anywhere? Has a craving for soufflés?'

'Soufflés? No, I don’t think I have. Sorry.'

'Ah. I’ll be off, then. Sorry to disturb you.'

He walked towards the blue box and It was then that I heard the strange wheezing noise. Fearing this man was in trouble, I ran inside after him and closed the doors behind me.

'What on Earth is this place?' I wondered out loud, as I looked around the strange environment I had found myself in. It was moments before I noticed the young man standing in front of me, grinning as if this was all perfectly normal. This police box seemed to be bigger on the inside, with strange markings on some round, twisting things above.

'This is the TARDIS. Bigger on the inside and all that. Now, question is, why did you follow me in here?'

'I heard a strange noise. I thought you might be in trouble.'

'Ah. Typical companion.  Well, seeing as you’re in here now, I may as well tell you who I am. I’m not PC John Smith. I’m the Doctor. I’m from a species called Time Lords. I’m the last Time Lord. And you are?”

'Oh, I’m David. David Chesterton.'

'That’s strange. Really strange. I had a companion with the surname Chesterton. Ian Chesterton, to be precise. Are you related?'

'I’m his brother. You know, Ian? He’s never told me about you. Are you close?'

'Erm, I wouldn’t say close as such. It’s complicated. Probably best you don’t know.'

I had already forgotten my surroundings intrigued that this man, somehow knew my brother. He moved over to what appeared to be a control panel set within the centre of the room and continued to adjust them while I continued with my questioning. 'Complicated?'

The Doctor’s face twisted into a strange, guilty expression. 'Well, let’s just say I…borrowed him.'

'Borrowed him? Doctor, what did you do to my brother?'

'I borrowed him. You know, like a library book. Only I didn’t check him out anywhere. In fact, maybe borrowed isn’t such a good phrase to use after all. Sounds too library planet-esque.'

'There’s a planet based around a library?'

'Yes. Although, it’s not exactly the best place to visit. Unless you like flesh eating shadows living inside books.'

'Well, that sounds like an ideal holiday location.'

'Are you sure?' the Doctor frowned at me.


'Oh, of course. How could I be so stupid? Why are humans so complicated? Anyway, shall we explore?'

'Explore?' I asked at the sudden change in direction in which the conversation was going.

'Yes, explore. Through those doors' he smiled and indicated the doors in which I had entered and he promptly ran over towards them.

'Hang on! What's to explore?'

'Another world. Another time.' he whispered.

It suddenly dawned on me that something had occurred during our conversation  and that the Doctor was expecting something to have happened beyond the doors.

'What? We don’t know what’s out there.' I was confused.

'You sound just like your brother. Come on, David. Exploring is cool. Especially when anything can be out there. ANYTHING!'

The Doctor ran outside and I followed obediently, like an intelligent dog without its lead.


e found ourselves amongst a large group of people striding past, wearing strange, dark glasses with blue streaks running over the rims.

'They’re wearing multi-glasses.' The Doctor explained. The same way he explained that we had somehow travelled though time to the future in such a matter-of-fact way that he simply expected me to accept it regardless. He continued:

'They project things in front of their eyes.  Weird sensation. I personally think that bow ties are much cooler.' he said adjusting his tie as if to make a point. 'Virtual Angry Birds is the nearest contender.  Especially the bow tie DLC pack.' he continued and smiled.

'Why would anybody wear them?' I asked.


artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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