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s they emerged from the TARDIS they were both unaware of a man approaching them. He had watched their arrival with interest. Ace was the first to notice him.

'Professor, look!' She couldn’t quite make out who it was due to the glare of the mid-day sun in her eyes. The Doctor struggled to see for himself as the figure got closer.

'Hello, Doctor.'

'He knows you,' said Ace with surprise in her voice.

'Hello,' replied the Doctor.

'I've been waiting for you...' replied the figure.

'Who...' began the Doctor.

'I'm Boudle.'

As the figure came into view and out of the glare of the sun Ace declared, ' Rattacomb! You're Rattacomb!'

'Yes and no.'

'You're one and the same person...' continued Ace.

The Doctor showed no surprise. He knew, as he always did. 'You are Boudle, but were Rattacomb.'

'My old form was too long in the awakening. During the reincarnation the...what you would call the soul became...tired after so many...we must talk...' and with that Boudle walked with Ace and the Doctor to his home.


he future will see a television revolution with many multi-channels all showing your favourite soaps, dramas, comedy, sports, and documentaries; channels showing you how to improve your health, your home and many a reality program centered around the everyday man, woman and child. One such channel TV5 who's output in general, like most multi-channels of the time, was limited with success. 'Viewpoint' was TV5's successful program. The program involved guests and a live audience discussing the week's news and events within the confines of a television studio.

Amongst those taking part in the discussions on the program was a Priest from St. Luke's. Being a man of the cloth, everyone but everyone saw him as a kind man and of no harm to anyone. So clearly, the receptionist couldn’t wait to show him the way to the studio floor and introduce him to the Producer. Before long he was shown his position before the cameras waiting for the countdown to the broadcast to begin.


oudle continued to direct the Doctor and Ace to his home and explained more of who he was.

'I'm the incarnation of a servant to the Guardian of the Universe...'

'The White Guardian,' whispered the Doctor.

'What?' asked Ace, but she was ignored.

Boudle continued, 'Through me there is Genesis - new life - and my task is never ending. A battle with the servant of darkness and chaos - who's path leads to...Armageddon.'

'But who is this person?' asked Ace, 'What does he look like?'

'He passes himself off as a Priest.'

'Typical. I always thought that sort of mumbo jumbo appeared in films and the like.

'Yes,' said the Doctor, 'but what better way of going about the place without drawing attention to ones self.' He looked over at Boudle, 'Please continue.'

'He's someone who is out to cause carnage and chaos and make the way of evil more promising.'

Before the Doctor could ask any more questions, Ace jumped in quickly with one of her own. Her interest, growing even more, was beginning to alarm the Doctor. 'Where is this Priest now? She asked.

'He's going to make a broadcast on TV5...'

'TV5?' queried Ace, 'Never heard of it!'

'This is the future, Ace.'

'Oh, yes.' she said, the smile now gone from her face as she realised that she had interrupted Boudle and made herself look a fool. 'Sorry, you were saying.'

'TV5. It's not far from here. We must stop him before he makes that broadcast. Before he pumps his vile views into millions of viewers' impressionable minds! He is very powerful, Doctor.'

'I'll take your word for it. Tell me, where's this TV station?'

'Are we going to stop him, Professor?' asked Ace.

artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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