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With an "All Access Pass" the Doctor pays a visit to see Chuck Berry at one of his first concerts in New York City to show off his skills at playing guitar...and the duck walk...
Dr. Who takes a trip of biblical proportions back into history with his grandchildren, John and Gillian...as told by Leah, wife to Jacob...
I was the man who lived through the Time War.
I am the Master – but I won’t be much longer.
I need to record my thoughts so that I know who I was once I’m someone else.
Are you confused yet? 
PART ONE: The scoundrels Garron & Unstoffe (ret.) become Stinking
Rich. They bother a notably twitchy Time Lord. They are rudely
boarded. They are Atomized. Unstoffe is Besotted. Matters of
Draconian Dinner Etiquette and Celestial Mechanics are discussed
under Pressing Circumstances. A Spear stops Singing.
Following the death of Rosanna Calvierri on a recent visit to Venice, the Doctor has some unfinished business to attend to.
'For all that I exist in a rapidly changing state of flux, unfinished, incomplete, I have the capacity to interpret data far beyond even his ken. I possess Knowledge, genetic Memories of Time—of yesterday and tomorrow. It is my legacy.'
'Listen, younglings, and listen well – for I am Leela, warrior of the Sevateem, and I have a tale to tell you. A tale of death and pain and sorrow, of wrath and bitter terror. A tale so harrowing, so hung with horror and blood and fear, that you may quake in your cots as you sleep this sundown, lest the night spirits take you and rend you from the protection of your fathers’ spears and the comfort of your mothers’ dugs.
'For this is a tale of the Evil One!'
The Doctor and Ace fall witness to the arrival of another Time Lord. Another Doctor...
"Summer is gone. There is no gentleness here.
I tell myself that once there was. Not here, precisely, but in our lives. In my life. With him. God, how I love...
loved him."
While The Cavalier trys to work out why he's not where he thought he was, the Doctor and Romana are having a spot of bother with local policing, the Kuricam...
artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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