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ack was speechless. After an awkward pause, he finally managed to get his words out.

'He's uh… he's… he's you,' Jack sputtered.

The Doctor's smile faded. 'Are you sure?' he asked. 'Because I recently spent Christmas with a chap called Jackson Lake who insisted he was the Doctor but it turned out-'

'He'd just been exposed to some of our memories by the Cybermen,' the Eleventh Doctor interjected. 'I remember.' The Tenth Doctor nodded.

'Well,' Ten said as his smile returned, 'This certainly is a surprise. I must say I wasn't expecting to meet myself again. Especially not a me with, er, such an interesting dress sense. If you don't mind my asking, what's with the bow tie?'

'It's cool,' Eleven said.

'Ah,' Ten replied. 'Right. To each my own, I guess. So, we're at the old UNIT headquarters. It sure has seen better days. Blimey, imagine what the Brigadier would say if he were here.' Eleven looked away awkwardly.

'Hang on a second!' Jack said, turning to Eleven. 'If you're the future version of him, shouldn't you remember this meeting?'

'No,' Eleven said, shaking his head. 'You see, whenever a Time Lord comes into contact with another incarnation their memory of the incident is automatically suppressed by the Blinovitch Limitation Effect.'

'The, what?'

'It's one of the primary laws of temporal physics. It ensures that the timeline is preserved when irregularities such as this occur. My past self here will forget this ever happened the moment he returns to his own time stream. The question is how he can even be here in the first place.'

'I received a distress signal,' Ten said.

'Yeah,' Eleven said. 'So did I.'

'And I'm the one who sent it,' Jack explained. 'I think the fact that there are two of you here has something to do with the space-time anomalies I've detected.'

'What kind of anomalies?' Ten asked.

'Some of them are hardly noticeable. Things like letters being delivered before they're written or children having the memories of an eighty-year-old. Others are more obvious. Apparently, UNIT had to deal with a group of 13th-century monks who'd fallen through a time rift. The point is these things aren't occurring on their own. Someone or something is causing them and I need your help to find out what's behind them.'

'Well, let's see what the TARDIS can do,' Eleven said and began walking in the direction of his ship.

'Why do we have to use your TARDIS?' Ten asked incredulously.

'Because it's more advanced than yours.'

'Oh, all right.' Ten and Jack followed Eleven into his TARDIS. 'I see you've redecorated,' Ten said as he looked around. 'I'm sorry. I'm so sorry but I just don't like it.'

'This is no time for debates about interior design,' Eleven snapped. 'We need to determine what's making time all wibbly-wobbly.' He pushed some buttons on the console and looked at the monitor. 'I see you were right, Jack. The TARDIS is detecting space-time anomalies all over the place. And not just on Earth but throughout the cosmos.'

'Can you pinpoint an origin?' Jack asked. The Doctor pushed some more buttons and the monitor screen zoomed in on a planet.

'Karn,' he said. The two Doctors looked at each other.

'You've been there before?' Jack asked.

'Yes. With Sarah Jane,' Eleven replied. 'From what I can remember of its history, at this point in time it was under the control of… the Terrible Zodin.'

'And who would that be?'

'Someone you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of. And I'm afraid I've already done that.'

'So you've met this Zodin person?'

'Yes but I don't remember much. She has the ability to manipulate memories, you see, as a way of covering her tracks.'

'And you think she's behind all this?'

'It wouldn't surprise me. Her main goal in life is to cause mischief. She's probably doing this just to combat the boredom of ruling over the desolate landscape of Karn.'

'Listen,' Ten said. 'Before we even think about confronting her, we have to deal with the fact that she's always guarded by horrible creatures. I doubt the three of us could handle them on our own. We'd need someone who's not afraid to use weapons and can be relied upon to survive against incredible odds.'

Eleven's face lit up. 'I know just who you mean,' he said.

~ ~ ~

artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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