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The Doctor takes Ace back in time to help George Stephenson with a problem he has with his rocket!
The Doctor has an appointment at 12 o’clock which he made many years ago to save a man’s soul but he’s late...
PART TWO: With their access to the Tardis cut off, and their attempt to enter the base unsuccessful, the Doctor and Ace find themselves on the menu of their pursuers. Meanwhile a murderer is on the loose in the base on Saros Five...
The Doctor finds an unexpected answer to a long ago question when he and Leela become the subjects of an alien Zoologist...here on Earth!
The Doctor is homesick for Gallifrey but his trip home is cut short when the Tardis materialises on the Moon of Saturn and is yet again facing his deadly adversary the Master...amongst others!
artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
Welcome to inferno-fiction.co.uk.
Inferno Fiction is an on-line Doctor Who Fiction Fanzine. First created in the 80's when fanzines in the printed form were the norm, the fanzine has now leapt onto the world wide web and is enjoyed by many across the world!
The stories featured are from the original pages of the printed fanzine and now include a collection of new material.
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