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(aka The Flush of Fear)
by Francis Cave
PART TWO:  Jo is under attack from the Yeti while visiting the little girl's room. Will the Doctor be able to come to her aide in time? And what polarity will he be able to reverse?...
by Meg MacDonald
"Your song is ending sir. It is returning. It is returning through the dark. And then, Doctor… oh, but then…he will knock four times."

by Thomas Ahearn
Captain Jack calls upon the Doctor to help with mysterious space-time anomalies and ends up with double trouble when two incarnations turn up at the same time...
Kaled Daev is a one eyed mutant, who's life is very mundane living in a jar, unable to walk, talk or communicate in anyway. But his life is is enlivened by his friend Normon who visits him every day and with the help of a senior scientist is given a new life...this is his tale...
by Andy Weston
PART ONE: A time distortion separates the Doctor and Vicki from Steven on the planet Manalex Alpha, a planet known to Vicki and who's people are at war with time...
Leaving 1869 behind them, the Doctor takes Rose to a concert in Royan, France and a spectacular concert premiere taking place in 1977...
The TARDIS has broken down and the Doctor is desperately trying to fix it, while Rory's been swimming with mysterious fish...
Rassilon awakes at a crucial point in time as the universe is in turmoil from dominating factions and in order to restore balance he intercepts a TARDIS passing the solar system of Lakertya... 

artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
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The stories featured are from the original pages of the printed fanzine and now include a collection of new material.
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by Michael Baxter
by Matthew Senkowski
by Ashley Myles
by Jack Lawrence
by Michael Baxter

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