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PART ONE: Katherine de Gallois' life is about to change forever when she meets a stranger known as the Doctor, some of his old enemies and a friend from his past...
PART THREE: The Doctor must save Peri and discover who is behind the curse that runs throughout the village...
The Doctor is trying to fix the materialisation circuit but inadvertantly causes the arrival of some 'cosmic dust' an intelligence intent on destroying the weapons of Earth...
The Doctor and Peri are relaxing upon Plarrion enjoying the sunshine and its beauty when they are accosted by two 'local' inhabitants  who want the TARDIS...
Susan's life is in danger when the Doctor and his Granddaughter meet the Space Rats from Planet 10...
PART TWO: The crew of the spaceship 'The Victory' and along with the Doctor's help, discover that the Daleks are alive and deadlier than ever...
artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
Welcome to inferno-fiction.co.uk.
Inferno Fiction is an on-line Doctor Who Fiction Fanzine. First created in the 80's when fanzines in the printed form were the norm, the fanzine has now leapt onto the world wide web and is enjoyed by many across the world!
The stories featured are from the original pages of the printed fanzine and now include a collection of new material.
If you would like to contribute then please email them to: infernofiction@gmail.com

by Michael Baxter
by Matthew Senkowski
by Ashley Myles
by Jack Lawrence
by Michael Baxter

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