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While buried beneath the rubble and dust of a collapsed building, the Doctor meets bel-Keegan who yearns to escape her home world and visit the planet Earth. Is the Doctor the answer to her desires?
Having taken Ace to see the premier of Wagner's Ring Cycle, the Doctor finds himself reflecting  on mankind's place in the fabric of the universe itself...
The Doctor is intrigued to discover a future Earth colony, where the adults go to school and the youngest are the wisest. But why are Amy and Rory suddenly behaving like children?
On the ancient world of Gallifrey one of it's sons has a decision to make before the sun set.
Bessie breaks down while en route to aide the Brigadier and his men but a chance find in a junk shop sends the Doctor on a trip across the universe...
The Doctor's arrival aboard a prison ship reactivates The Cult of Vartax from their cryogenic sleep, the leader of which holds a deadly secret...
artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
Welcome to inferno-fiction.co.uk.
Inferno Fiction is an on-line Doctor Who Fiction Fanzine. First created in the 80's when fanzines in the printed form were the norm, the fanzine has now leapt onto the world wide web and is enjoyed by many across the world!
The stories featured are from the original pages of the printed fanzine and now include a collection of new material.
If you would like to contribute then please email them to: infernofiction@gmail.com

by Michael Baxter
by Matthew Senkowski
by Ashley Myles
by Jack Lawrence
by Michael Baxter

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