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PART TWO: Can the Doctor, with Jack and Katherine's help stop the Carrionites from re-opening the portal so that they can swarm and devour the Earth...?
PART THREE: The Doctor and the remaining crew of The Victory discover the destructive force and the power hold over the Daleks!
The Doctor has been summoned to Skaro to retrieve a device that has infinite power. But who has summoned him?
Travelling alone in his sixth incarnation, the Doctor is looking forward to a well deserved holiday when the TARDIS is hijacked by a familiar friend in need of help.
A war with the Daleks needs to be averted but who or what is behind the illusion...?
The TARDIS arrives on a train in 1903 which appears to be bound for London, but as well as it's passengers there's an alien on board...
artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
Welcome to inferno-fiction.co.uk.
Inferno Fiction is an on-line Doctor Who Fiction Fanzine. First created in the 80's when fanzines in the printed form were the norm, the fanzine has now leapt onto the world wide web and is enjoyed by many across the world!
The stories featured are from the original pages of the printed fanzine and now include a collection of new material.
If you would like to contribute then please email them to: infernofiction@gmail.com

by Michael Baxter
by Matthew Senkowski
by Ashley Myles
by Jack Lawrence
by Michael Baxter

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