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It does seem like I am beset with technical problems with this site when it comes to making any updates. Issue TWENTY is ready and waiting to go"live" but alas I have to wait for the technical team of the host providers to sort it out...again!
Anyway, while I'm waiting on that here are a few updates that have happened:
Issue TEN has migrated to the Blogger site which can be found if you follow the issue links to the left of this editorial. This is in order to, in part, to publish issue TWENTY.
Sadly, Matthew Senkowski has withdrawn his contribution "Axonite Apocalypse" so wont be included but there are plenty more stories to look out for including 'Loved Egyptian Night' by Philip Boyes, a third Doctor adventure.
Apologies again for the delays, it really is out of my hands at the moment. Once issue TWENTY is available I'll update the site as soon as I can.
2nd December 2018
Apologies for the lack of updates, life does tend to throw you a curve with unexpected consequences and in recent months I've had just that. Pleased to say all good and just seeing where it will all lead.
Well this is proving to be taking longer than I had anticipated but its all coming together nicely. I should have most of this issue complete and on line soon. I'm also currently looking at making each issue of Inferno Fiction available as a download at the request of many viewers to this site. This will take time but please bare with us.
The site has had a "lick of paint" in time for the new series which starts on Sunday 7th October, a day of the week that I've always favoured and I'm sure will do well. Just as a heads up, I'm not looking for any 13th Doctor fiction just yet, not until we see where Jodie Whittaker takes the character with her interpretation so please hold back with any ideas you may have.
Right, back to work
8th October 2018
Its all very well trying to get back into the swing of things in the hope of getting the site up and moving again so that I can get some great stories out there for you all to enjoy, but one of the things you can't account for are head colds, food poisoning and a companion who needs your attention just as much as any human does.
Safe to say I wouldn't be without my companion as he literally means the world to me and has saved my life in more ways than one. So, between the walks in the park and the fun and games we share at home, I'm hoping to get some more work done pretty soon.
As someone once said "stay tuned!"
11th March 2018
The trouble with being away from the site for so long brings a whole load of problems for the memory. That is remembering how the hell to build a page from scratch! Its just taken me nearly a week to build just one page, remembering borders, spacing, tables, text and the positioning of images. Then there's finding the files with all the standard headings and images that are used throughout the site. Hopefully, now that Michael Baxter's short piece 'A DOG'S TALE' is now online, future submissions will just flow naturally...well I can but hope.
Michael Baxter has been a regular contributor to this site for some time now and you may have noticed that Michael favours William Hartnell's Doctor thou he does tend to like the character drawn from the pages of TV Comic, Dr.Who with his two grandchildren John and Gillian and of course the character from those early DR WHO ANNUALS. Issue EIGHTEEN's 'THE FOUR WISE MEN' by Michael features John and Gillian. Other stories by Michael include 'THE LAST VICTIM' and 'A WORD TO THE WISE' Check them out and enjoy.
Don't forget, if you want to contribute to INFERNO FICTION then please send your submissions to Object
14th January 2018
Hello and welcome to Inferno Fiction 2018!
I have finally managed to get back to working on the site and hope to finally bring to you issue TWENTY. As each story/contribution is completed it will be uploaded to the site straight away for you all to enjoy. Contributions are still welcome, so if you have anything that you'd like to see published to the site then forward them to Object and should your piece be selected I will get back to you.
As you can see the site is beginning to reflect the changes that the series will bring with the new Doctor as played by Jodie Whittaker, the first female actor to play the part and one, I'm sure will bring a whole new audience to the series. I know there are many out there whom are not happy with the casting of Jodie in the role, and I would just like to say that I too was a skeptic at the initial thought of such a move being made by any incoming producer. But that reveal back in July 2017 made me very excited about the whole casting. The series had already been exploring the gender issue with Time Lords and so it was no real surprise that the inevitable would happen. The regeneration at the end of Peter Capaldi's final outing made me excited for more...but we have to wait until the Autumn of 2018...but I'm sure there will be glimpses of Jodie's Doctor before then so keep your eyes pealed!
Thank you all for your continued support while the site has been on hiatus, it's been very much appreciated.
Anyway, let's get some work done!
3rd January 2018


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