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In this edition:

Are We The Daleks? In a Nothing at the End of the Lane exclusive, we present a set of production design sketches unseen for over 50 years from the production of the first Dalek story in 1963. Drawn by Ray Cusick’s design assistant, Jeremy Davies, they reveal some of the early abandoned concepts for the famous creatures as well as how the end design gradually developed.

An Unearthly Studio: With the aid of existing archival material, Philip Newman examines in detail Peter Brachacki’s production design for the very first episode, An Unearthly Child and how things were subtly changed between the original pilot and the final recording several weeks later. The article is illustrated with CG recreations of the original studio layout by Rob Semenoff.

A Narrative of the Life of Peter Brachacki: To accompany the article on An Unearthly Child Philip Newman, with the aid of the Brachacki family, looks at the life of Doctor Who’s first production designer and how a man who had found himself imprisoned in Dachau concentration camp during the Second World War came to work at the BBC

Going on the Record – The History of Doctor Who Drama on Vinyl: In the 14 years between 1965 and 1979, several attempts were made to convert Doctor Who into a commercially available audio format. These ranged from the adaptation of existing television soundtracks to the creation of brand new adventures and whilst some ideas made it to the record shelves, others faded into obscurity. What was Dr. Who’s Diary and the Kinster project? What changes were made to The Pescatons prior to recording? How did the BBC scupper Argo’s plans to release a second Doctor Who LP in March 1977? We reveal all...

Regeneration? What Regeneration?: In August 2013, an early draft of Episode 4 of The Tenth Planet was discovered in Kit Pedler’s personal archive – one that was written before the concept of regeneration was introduced to the programme. What were the differences? We find out?

My Dad...Mervyn Pinfield: For many years, little was known about the programme’s first-ever associate producer. We talk to Mervyn’s son, Mike, about his father’s life and work.

Bob’s Fantasy Factory: Richard Molesworth looks at The Fantasy Factory, the script that Robert Holmes originally wrote for Episode 13 of The Trial of a Time Lord, completed shortly before his death and featuring a matrix inhabited by Jack the Ripper, the Duke of Clarence and the Doctor plunging to his death in the Thames... Illustrated by Lee Sullivan.

Are You My Mummy? Creature supervisor Dave Bonneywell takes us through his photographic record of the work done creating The Foretold from Mummy on the Orient Express.

The Repository of Incredible Things: Our ten-page feature provides a pictorial showcase of some of the many props, models and storyboards from the series that have made their way into private collections – from The Keys of Marinus through to Evolution of the Daleks.

Trouble in Store: For the first time, we present the full outline to the unused Second Doctor story, The Big Store, as Andrew Pixley looks at how the idea ultimately metamorphosed into The Faceless Ones. Illustrated by Lee Sullivan.


We look at what is known about a First Doctor story that would have featured a new alien race, the Daggits.

What survives from the original abandoned recording of The Dead Planet?

We speak to Barry Letts’ secretary, Sarah Newman who tells us how Spike Milligan came to submit a script entitled Captain Scarlet’s Left Sock...

We talk to the programme’s first costume designer, Maureen Heneghan-Tripp as to what her inspirations where when working on the pilot episode.

How the lost TARDIS scene from Terror of the Zygons came to be recovered – twice!

Fantastic Facts and Memory Lane return!

And lots of other interesting stuff!

The full colour, 118 page magazine will be available to buy from the Nothing at the End of the Lane website

The new issue features articles on:
Pacifism in Doctor Who
A look at how The Daleks and The Dominators gave turning the other cheek the thumbs down.
The Ark vs The Ark in Space
David Rolinson looks at the similarities between these two stories.
RTD & Religion
Sean Alexander examines a key aspect of the series under Russell T's tenure.
Jez Strickley spies a dystopian slant in this Season 18 trilogy.
Secret Who
we look at two underrated stories The Claws of Axos and The Time Monster
Changing Times
A look back at Peter Capaldi's first season.
Doc Top Ten
One writer looks at his favourite Who comic strips.
Gateway Drug
Stephen Wood confesses how it all started with him and Who…

Issue 4 is 36 pages, fully illustrated with colour covers.

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Like a bad penny, we’ve turned up again, looking even more fabulous this time. Despite the regeneration, we guarantee that inside, we’ll be as shabby and as controversial as ever.

With evan more spelling mistakes this time.

In Issue 16 of Fish Fingers and Custard:

We take a look at series 8, review the episodes and investigate whether or not Steven Moffat likes to strip off when writing scripts

Growing up as a fan; one ardent fan looks through his life and how it has intertwined with Doctor Who, on and off-screen

Russell T. Davies’ novel ‘Damaged Goods’ is reviewed, along with its recent Big Finish adaptation

Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round – A Podcast for fans of all ages

And much more!

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Enlightenment‘s first all-digital issue! Let’s celebrate, Internet style!

(Gian-Luca di Rocco)
This Man Nearly Committed a Heinous Act of Genocide. Here’s The Moment That Made Him Think Twice

These People Got Together To Make a Family Television Program. What Happened Then Will Make You Cry

Michael Wisher Rose Above His Roots As a “Jobbing Actor” To Give Us So Much More

FLUID LINKS (Robert Smith?)
6 Ways Meeting Your Own Body Double Can Be More Exciting Than You Ever Imagined

LOVE AND MONSTERS (Deborah Stanish)
This Man Brought a Souvenir Home From His Trip to Another Continent. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

Philip Hinchcliffe Created Something Wonderful At The Age of 30. Find Out How.

See How an Upsetting Crack About Christmas Changed This Man Forever

How Looking at the Present Opens Up the Past for a Whole New Future

Three Ways to Screw Up An Interstellar Empire Without Even Trying (plus, Romana I meets the Daleks, The Light at the End, and Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years)
For more details and where to download this latest issue click here
PANIC MOON issue 9
The May 2014 issue of Panic Moon fanzine is available now.

It’s a real mixed bag this time, but has an unintended – but nevertheless welcome – slight first Doctor bias, with articles about An Unearthly Child, Marco Polo, The Time Meddler and The Savages. We also look at The Time of the Doctor, Doomsday and The Girl Who Waited, Doctor Who in Germany, missing episode animations and space opera in Doctor Who. As if that weren’t enough, we speculate on a connection between The Daemons and Ghost Light, and write in praise of Carmen Munro, Michael Grade, the Raston Warrior Robot, Tanya Lernov, the TARDIS doors and moments from Planet of Giants and The Enemy of the World.

The issue is lavishly illustrated with beautiful original artwork. The issue comprises 36 monochrome pages in Panic Moon’s distinctive A6 ‘pocket-sized’ format. Just right for reading on the bus (or in the loo!).

It costs just £1.50 in the UK including postage. For those outside the UK, it’s £3.00.
For full details on how to order go to the Panic Moon website here
WHOTOPIA issue 27


A serious study of all things sonic by Dave Columbus & Jurgen Pfeffer

Big Finish's Unbound Collection comes under the spotlight with Matthew Kresal

Michael S. Collins pays tribute to the designer who created the iconic figure of the Daleks

What if Quentin Tarrantino or Peter Jackson directed Who? Dan Tessier takes a tongue-in-cheek look

Bob Furnell takes account of some recent DVD viewing


Managing the merchandise with Paula Hammond

Michael S. Collins highlights the early pioneers of Doctor Who

Patrick Furlong explains how his upcoming work came together

Thomas Cookson defends a more recent controversy

The epic journey reaches the end... or does it? Nick Mellish investigates

Bob Furnell shines the spotlight on William Hartnell's swansong


Whotopia reviews some of the special 50th Anniversary programming


Jon Arnold assesses the 50th Anniversary Special

Dave Columbus reviews An Adventure In Time and Space


The Science of Doctor Who with Thomas Spychalski

Multi-national reports on The Day of The Doctor cinema showings

Thomas Spychalski reviews the Blue Peter homages to Time Lords and TARDISes

Matthew Kresal reviews BBC Radio 2's special anniversary tribute

Andrew Screen examines the debut of the Daleks

Patrick Furlong takes a look at William Russell's appearance in this classic Hollywood movie

Nancy Gross ponders the future of the Twelfth Doctor


Jez Strickley wraps up his icons tour with a look at the writings of Robert Holmes

Memories of the late scientist and writer by Michael S. Collins

Another plunge into the world of fanzines with Bob Furnell

Is this really the last issue of Whotopia? Bob Furnell tells us the story
All this and more in the latest issue

The latest issue of Whotopia is now online and available to download for your reading pleasure.

All Whotopia issues are available for free and published in PDF format which can be easily uploaded to your PC or e-Reader for your reading pleasure.

Issue 16 of The Terrible Zodin is now available for free download.

As the only issue this year The Terrible Zodin clocks in at 125 pages.

In this 50th celebratory issue, 50 Brilliant Things About Doctor Who (And 11 More!) The review panel tackle Season 7.2 and there are interviews with Nick Briggs, India Fisher and Marnix van den Broeke. Also the results of the Classic Series poll – find out which story our readers voted their favorite as the wider Whoniverse is celebrated in audio, novel and comic strip form.

A brand new column focuses on the Past Doctor Adventures novels and the Back2theWhoture team tackle The Aztecs. In these pages there is a reappraisal of Dodo Chaplet, Captain Jack’s Guide to the Second Doctor, the politics of the Swampies and the Case for the Return of the Rani.

The editors would love to have your feedback, good or bad on what you think of the new issue.
Gold represents something long-lasting, something untarnished and unaffected by the passage of time. Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years celebrates the timeless elements of Doctor Who that have appealed to the show's followers for half a century.
Monsters, time travel and exotic alien worlds. Horror, drama and humour. Golden Years celebrates the many eras of the series, featuring the Doctor in his many aspects: whether magician, scientist, wanderer, battle-scarred survivor or Machiavellian chess-player.

The stories in Golden Years demonstrate what we love about Doctor Who, and why it endures.

Featuring 11 Doctors across 12 stories, penned by BBC Books, Short Trips, Obverse Books and Myth Makers alumni. Anthology is 92 pages, perfect bound, with illustrations and full-colour cover! Includes 50-Word Memories from Robert J. Sawyer, Piers Anthony, Stephen James Walker, Stuart Douglas, Graeme Burk and many more!

Golden Years is a non-commercial publication. To order your copy, follow the link here.
All proceeds will be donated to St. John Ambulance Canada.
48 pages of THE FINISHED PRODUCT issue 12
features the Seventh Doctor stories:
The Rapture
The Harvest
Dreamtime and LIVE 34.
Price £2.75 UK
£5 overseas
Every back issue is now available to order too.
For full details contact thefinishedproduct@hotmail.co.uk
The Dr Who 8th Anniversary Special is a follow-up to 2011's The Wonderful Book of Dr Who 1965, this time paying homage to the iconic Radio Times 10th Anniversary Special. Produced by Paul Smith, this volume takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the current series over its eight years, with contributions from a variety of fan writers.

Dr Who, the thrilling television series that follows the adventures of the multi-faced time traveller Dr Who, reaches a very special anniversary this year, one that is a milestone for any drama programme let alone such a completely bonkers one as this. Yes, Dr Who is eight years old!

When Dr Who arrived on our screens in 2005 no one could have predicted what a phenomenon it would become. So to celebrate its continuing popularity eight years on, Wonderful Books has published the DR WHO ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, a must-have magazine for every fan of Dr Who -- you could call it a 'fan-zine' if such a term existed.

Relive all of Dr Who's astonishing exploits from the very beginning, hardly ever repeated on television since their original broadcast but retold here in all their gripping detail (as well as we can remember them). There are also examinations of each major companion by some of the best writers from among Dr Who's loyal followers, with impressive new artwork. And you can learn exactly how to build your very own Dalek (although we can't take responsibility for the results).

All this for just 530 credits from your nearest Jagrafessian news outlet.

The Special is a 36 page, full colour fanzine which includes a wraparound cover from the toy photographer "Tomfan". Contributors include Andrew Blair, Johnny Candon, Frank Collins, Martin Day, Philip Sandifer, JR Southall, Keith Topping and Alex Wilcock, with artists Jason Fletcher & Westley Smith, Jon Pinto, M Jason Reed, James Taylor, Will Thompson and more.
For further details follow this link: www.wonderfulbook.co.uk/special
What happens when events unfold before our eyes that defy our conscious understanding? Is it a dream? An hallucination? An optical illusion? What hidden truths would our subconscious mind perceive? Myth Makers 16: Pseudoscope features stories written around the theme of altered perception. In making sense of these distorted realities, the Doctor, his companions and his enemies make new discoveries about the world outside - and within.

Stories by Short Trips alumni Dale Smith, Richard Salter, David N. Smith, Violet Addison, Stephen Hatcher, J.R. Loflin and Mike Amberry, plus Myth Makers alumni J.F. Keeping and Chris Heffernan.

Artwork by Carolyn Edwards, Rachel Roach, Iain Robertson, Michael Leis, Pat Degan and Denise Rajauski.

Visit the Myth Makers 16: Pseudoscope page to order your copy
VWORP! VWORP! issue 2
The second issue of Vworp Vworp! is due in late-August and pre orders are now being accepted at the magazine's website.

Here are some of the goodies to be found in the new issue:
The first half of the exhaustive Abslom Daak tribute, including interviews with writer Steve Moore, and artists Steve Dillon and David Lloyd. Also a Daak comic strip, written for DWM by Steve Moore in 1980 but withdrawn after a disagreement with the editor, now finally brought to the page by DWM artists Martin Geraghty, Adrian Salmon and Roger Langridge.

The first in the series of DWM editor interviews with a fascinating chat between Dez Skinn and Tom Spilsbury. We also chat to Paul Neary, Alan McKenzie, Cefn Ridout and the elusive Sheila Cranna.

Ex-Doctors Tom Baker and Colin Baker talk about their comic strip selves.
Dave Gibbons, Steve Parkhouse and Mick McMahon discuss The Tides of Time and Junkyard Demon, and we take in The Lodger with Gareth Roberts and Mike Collins.
The Housekeeper, a comic strip written by Paul Magrs and drawn by Bret M Herholz starring Mrs Wibbesey and the Fourth Doctor.

A free gift in the form of a ‘Vworpabix’ board game. Based on the 1970s Weetabix game, ours has 16 character cards by Adrian Salmon and boards by Paul Grist, Jon Pinto, Leighton Noyes and Graeme Neil Reid.

Two covers: a wraparound Abslom Daak cover by Mike Collins, and an early Doctor Who Monthly pastiche featuring Junkyard Demon (with Jason Fletcher and Ben Willsher’s take on Daak on the back cover).

You can follow the fanzine on Facebook
artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
Welcome to inferno-fiction.co.uk.
Inferno Fiction is an on-line Doctor Who Fiction Fanzine. First created in the 80's when fanzines in the printed form were the norm, the fanzine has now leapt onto the world wide web and is enjoyed by many across the world!
The stories featured are from the original pages of the printed fanzine and now include a collection of new material.
If you would like to contribute then please email them to: infernofiction@gmail.com


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Inferno Fiction and Inferno Productions are non-profit making projects.
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